About the Company

Ahlawat and Associates is a highly appreciated law firm in India which provides legal consultation services, latest updates in the law world and much more. No matter you have to settle property disputes, start a new company legally, need legal protection to your business contracts, submit tax returns, take divorce from your spouse, etc, Just get in touch with us. We help all our valued clients/customers, business organizations, firms, startups, entrepreneurs to solve their complex problems within the framework of existing and rapidly changing legal framework. Although we take all types of cases, we have expertise in areas like NRI Services, Tax, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Employment and Labour, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Commercial,Company Secretarial Services,General Counsel Services,United kingdom visas and Immigration,FDI,Insolvency and Bankruptcy law.We have well-trained, experienced and professional lawyers with whom you can share your problems and seek the most appropriate legal consultation. We charge minimally on all our clients and customers and are committed to provide A-1 class legal consultation services in all jurisdictions.

Our Services

(1) Mergers and Acquisitions (2) Corporate Commercial Law (3) Litigation And Dispute Resolution (4) Real Estate Property Dispute (5) NRI Legal Services (6) Tax and Regulatory Laws (7) Company Secretarial Services (8) General Counsel Services/ Inhouse Legal Services (9)Employment And Labour (10) Intellectual Property (11) United kingdom visas and Immigration (12) Foreign Direct Investment (13) Insolvency and Bankruptcy law

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