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    The therapists also personalize their treatment to suit the specific needs during family counselling sessions. An event occurrence that happened recently or even years ago could disturb the thoughts and beliefs of the family. The psychotherapy exercises will allow the family to re-evaluate their lingering thoughts of the event and clarify them. Energetics Institute treats patients from all over Perth to develop reconstructive strategies,to manage their thoughts through the practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, consequently changing the way they feel and behave after the therapy sessions. CBT has proven to be a short and effective therapy formarriage counselling inPerth.The pace of the treatment is decided as per the comfort level of the patient. The problem is quickly detected and addressed by the counsellor and suggested ways are provided to improve the bond between the couple. This therapy lasts for the rest of their lives! Even if the couple visits their counsellor once a week for an hour-long session, the treatment starts showing results in their marriage.

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