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    About the Company

    PayFast is one of the best payment gateways in Pakistan. We're a financial technology company, passionate about payments, and we're on a mission to change the way Pakistanis manage their daily finances. In terms of digitization and financial inclusion, our nation has achieved many hard-won milestones, but our journey has only just begun. PayFast can establish Pakistan’s name on the global fintech landscape and help it become a cashless economy. Our mission is to help Pakistanis avail the benefits of digital payments, and drive the digital payment landscape in the country.

    Our Services

    PayFast Checkout Designed to be fast, convenient, and secure, our solution offers a variety of payment options so you can cater to the preferences of any customer. You're one step away from growing your business with PayFastCheckout. Payment Links PayFast gives you a hassle-free way to receive payments from your customers without having a website or landing page by creating a unique payment link. PayFast Billing When you don't have a robust payment solution to support your business's demands, managing, distributing, and collecting multiple bills and subscriptions at a large scale can be difficult and even impossible. PayFast gives you the ultimate solution to billing. We accept payments from mobile banking apps, internet banking, ATMs, branch banking, and many locations. PayFast Mobile Payments Powered by UnionPay International, PAyFAst has revolutionized the payments landscape in Pakistan through the introduction of swift and seamless mobile payments.

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