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I am responsible for studio web design , photos and videos in Brazil, with more than 2,000 days recorded in experiments on the work done for each client served . My specialties are: Health Wellness ACADEMIAS: LC GOFIT PROFIT BIG Clube soocer AFILIATE Somatrodrol metradrol kimera Minotauro skin cream libimanx folii STORES: Hobi Club Hobi Maristela Maris PHOTO AND MODA: Gorosito Simao CONSULTANCY emalves Evolution pca luiz Land page ASf GASTRONOMY Hotaru Manje A├žai Construction/Repair For Tec Eco Navi School MARKETING loja mlb MKT FC F com flASH: fshop:!loja FL!o-projeto Aprense St 86!OK JM CELL NGZ Loja MC BEt Open! opeN MUSIC F com TL