Marcus Engblad

My Services

Recruiter / Headhunter at Talent ME GROUP - Helping companies find the best Talent Recruiter Experienced in: - Recruitment - Competency-based recruitment - Work Psychology testing (cut-e) - Project management (recruitment projects) - Coaching of candidates - Improvement of the recruitment process Feel free to Contact me: 0046-702743246

Advisory type

Recruiting & HR

Service line

HR Services, Recruiting, Talent Management, Temporary Solutions


Recruiting Coaching Entrepreneurship Personal Development Social Media Executive Coaching Business Coaching Leadership Development Job Coaching Marketing Sales Organizational Development Customer Satisfaction Management Consulting Recruitment Advertising Executive Search Interviews Internet Recruiting Training Career Counseling Change Management Project Management Customer Service English Norwegian French PowerPoint Translation Mindfulness Danish Online Marketing Councelling SEO Key Account Management Start-ups Lecturing Career Development Coaching Social Networking Human Resources Personal Branding Goal Oriented Job Placements Workbuster Social Media Marketing Google Adwords Social Marketing Dedicated Professional Listening to customers Search HR Consulting

College / University Degrees


Lund University

My Snapshot

  • # Peer recommendations: 0
  • Rate/hour ($): 50-100
  • Experience level (yrs): 10+
  • Size of typical clients: Medium