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Consultants 500 helps finding the best business advisors for the job

The internet is literally loaded with millions of business advisors who say they can deliver exactly what you need. The problem is how to find and to be found in a quick and easy way. Ideally you create a shortlist of advisors that meet your demands, compare them, select the best one for the job and that only within a few minutes. Consultants 500 is just the tool for that! STOP SEARCHING and START FINDING / BEING FOUND. Create a profile, define your services and get found.

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How it works

Create profiles, find business consultants, rate & review work done

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(consultants, freelancers, companies)

  • Create your profile
  • Get ratings & reviews
  • Get found and hired
  • Do great work
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(always free)

  • Search our platform
  • Fine-tune to match your needs
  • Analyse ratings & reviews
  • Get in touch
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(consultants, freelancers)

  • Request feedback as a consultant/freelancer
  • Give feedback at own initiative
  • Only takes a few minutes
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Pricing & Transparency

Making the advisory world more transparent by sharing advisor's specialization, their work and their clients' feedback

  • Pricing

    • Consultants 500 is free for ALL users
    • Business Advisors can create full profiles for free
    • Only Business Advisors pay for upgraded functionality
    • A paid Membership does not affect search results though
  • Transparency

    • Ranking of search results is never influenced by type of Membership
    • No paid listings
    • No advertisement type of arrangements
    • No commission fee asked
    • Profiles can be created by anyone (for free)
    • Search and rank profiles anyway you want
    • See Advisor's feedback
    • Get directly in touch with any Advisor any time you want

    It's that simple