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Hirak D.

Professional Content Writer & Motivator
India   |   Kolkata
  • $1-50/hr
  • Advertising, Sales, Marketing & PR
  • Writing & Translation

Content writing - print media and web English language coaching English language content editing Motivational speaking Communication and Sales Training

  • Content Creation
  • Content Writing
  • Editing Services
  • Translation Bengali English
  • Translation Hindi English
  • Communication Skills

David B.

BISREZWRITE: Global Clients Global Success
  • $50-100/hr
  • Writing & Translation

Research and writing services to business Business Plans (Expert in plans for relocation of a business to another country) Strategy, Policy, and Process development Business research (Expert in putting together summaries of global…

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  • Business Advisory
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Case
  • Writing Services
  • Research
  • Research Papers

Valdecy R.

  • $1-50/hr
  • Writing & Translation


  • Advertising
  • Education Technology
  • business

Jo-Ann S.

Editor, Copywriter, Translator
South Africa
  • $1-50/hr
  • Advertising, Sales, Marketing & PR
  • Writing & Translation

Translation, Editing, Copy Writing

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Copy Writing

Fahad I.

  • $1-50/hr
  • Accounting, Audit & Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Legal (& Notary)
  • Recruiting & HR
  • Writing & Translation

I can provide services in areas of Financial Statements Preparation, Risk Management, Internal Audit and other business and financial advisory.

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Human Resources


Language Consultant
United Kingdom
  • $200-400/hr
  • Writing & Translation

Consultancy, Advisory, Content and Copy Writing, Editing, Educational Design and Management, Communication Training

Zanele M.

South Africa
  • $200-400/hr
  • Writing & Translation

When you have written a too long document and too lazy to go over it; I will be your hero. I will edit your work and look for any silly spelling mistakes. I am a creative writer, I can create and edit blog posts.

  • I like writing about development; women…


South Africa   |   Mpumalanga
  • $600+/hr
  • Consulting
  • Writing & Translation


  • Journalism Writing
  • Business Analysis
  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Communication

Rubi R.

Environmental Sustainability Consultant
United States   |   Santa Barbara
  • Consulting
  • Writing & Translation

I have a broad depth of experience in environmental topics. Not only can I conduct technical analyses such as greenhouse inventories, life cycle analyses, and data analysis and visualization, but I can also understand market trend…

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Duncan G.

United States   |   California City
  • $50-100/hr
  • Web, Mobile, Software Design & Development
  • Writing & Translation

Websites Design Web apps development USSD Development Visit my website for all the we offer

  • Software Development
  • Websiet design
  • IT Innovation
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • SQL
  • React-native
  • JQuery