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Anna Estrin is a successful woman entrepreneur, a happy mom of three beautiful children, fashion expert. Anything this talented woman does, she does with passion and desiccation. Anna is convinced that a key to success is to do what makes you happy. She used to work on TV and radio stations, she also has experience in Marketing and PR, she launched a large-scale fashion project and developed her designer brand. Anna Estrin is a professional and a sought-after fashion expert that fills this world with beauty, style, happiness, and love. Her blogs are always fresh and up to date. Anna Estrin shares the latest trends and describes in-depth the art of beauty and fashion. Just like Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, Anna Estrin started her career in fashion with journalism. Many fashion editors have a journalism background. She writes about clothing and accessories for her online magazine. However, today, like most journalists, fashion writers are also increasingly being asked to upload their content on social media and publish their materials via vlog. Anna is a master of the creative content on her social media accounts as well. Anna Estrin attends fashion shows and studies designer and celebrity fashions to pinpoint trends and bring them to fashionistas in Russian and English.

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