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Crafting platforms (assets for myself and for my partners) which provide pure value to the marketplace, and therefore, generate revenue from day one. I literally admire heroes who made a disaster in their life and got the guts to go all the way to self fulfillment and greatness. If you're this special man please contact me ( 'serious'‚Äã means to know that there is no finish line ) 1. Understand that you deserve to get more in life. 2. Picture yourself standing in the place that you want to be. 3. Fulfill your vision and make money by fixing a pain. 4. Start small, focus, take care for details and go all the way. 5. Get feedback from the people, make improvements and expand. 6. Fulfill yourself, provide true value and become rich and a happy person. Forever. 7. Tell your story to people who wait for weekend to come in order to be happy Interested in: e-commerce, the web, technology, server side development, front end development, amazon, innovation, business opportunities, entrepreneurship, private equity, chinese market, venture capital, online marketing, startups, B2B, O2O (Online to Offline), B2C, IoT, drones and more...

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Web, Mobile, Software Design & Development

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Design - Mobile, Design - Web, Development - Mobile, Development - Web, Development - Core Business Web & Mobile Features


jQuery ASP.NET JSON Microsoft SQL Server CSS3 OOP C# 4.0 Design Patterns MySQL HTML 5 JavaScript Mootools MVC Web Services IIS Server Side Backbone.js SASS HAML Compass Front-end Engineering CoffeeScript Mobile Design AJAX SublimeText PostgreSQL CouchBase ElasticSearch RESTful WebServices SOAP LINQ ASP.NET MVC Ruby on Rails C# Visual Studio Web Development XML CSS HTML5 Mobile Applications XHTML HTML SQL

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  • Rate/hour ($): 50-100
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