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Collen "Manki" Phiri

My Services

CREATIVE EXCELLENCE ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I define my style of strategic creative, execution and delivery keeping the above mentioned as pivotal key words as they best describe my attitude, aptitude and latitude regarding my partners(clients), the quality of work and the attention to detail. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MODUS OPERANDI ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// different, exclusive, individual, lone, one, one and only, only, particular, rare, separate, single, solitary, solo, uncommon,incomparable, matchless, peerless, singular, solely, unequalled, unmatched, unparalleled, unrivalled, unsurpassed, differentiating, distinctive, distinguishing, emblematic, especial, exclusive, inborn, individualistic, ingrained, inherent, innate, original, representative, special, specific, symbolic, unique, welcome to "Collen Phiri's World - mankiSEEmankiCREATE". //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Advisory type

Web, Mobile, Software Design & Development, Design & Multimedia

Service line

Advertising Technology, Content Management Systems, Data Visualization Services, Design - Mobile, Design - Web, Development - Mobile, Development - Web, Development - Core Business Web & Mobile Features, Development - Games, Usability and User Interface Design (Mobile & Web), Full Service Firm, Advertising & Promotional Design, Advertising & Promotional Design - Online, Banners, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Product Design & Development, Video & Audio



My Snapshot

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  • Skill ratings: 00.0
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  • Rate/hour ($): 200-400
  • Experience level (yrs): 5-10
  • Size of typical clients: Startup