Above All Foundation Repair

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    About the Company

    Above All Foundation Repair offers a range of foundation repair services designed to ensure the stability and longevity of residential and commercial structures. With over 40 years of experience, the company prides itself on delivering expert solutions tailored to address various foundation issues, including cracks, uneven floors, sloping walls, and other structural concerns. Foundation Repair and Maintenance At the core of their offerings, Above All Foundation Repair specializes in comprehensive foundation repair services. These services are essential for homes and buildings experiencing foundational shifts, which can lead to severe structural damage if left unaddressed. The company employs advanced diagnostic techniques to identify the root causes of foundation problems and provides tailored solutions to fix these issues effectively. Slab Leveling and House Leveling For structures built on concrete slabs, Above All Foundation Repair provides slab leveling services. Over time, concrete slabs can settle unevenly, leading to a range of issues such as cracked walls, doors that won't close properly, and uneven floors. The company's slab leveling services aim to restore the evenness of these surfaces, ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the property. House leveling is another critical service offered. This process involves adjusting the foundation of a house to correct its level. Whether due to soil conditions, water damage, or other factors, a house that is not level can suffer from extensive structural problems. Above All Foundation Repair uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure precise leveling, providing homeowners with peace of mind. Steel Piers Installation One of the more advanced services provided is the installation of steel piers. Steel piers are used to stabilize foundations by transferring the weight of the structure from unstable soil to more stable ground or bedrock. This technique is particularly useful for homes and buildings situated on problematic soil types that are prone to shifting. The installation of steel piers is a robust solution that can significantly extend the lifespan of a foundation. Pier and Beam Repair Homes with pier and beam foundations can also benefit from the specialized repair services offered by Above All Foundation Repair. Pier and beam foundations, while durable, can suffer from various issues such as wood rot, termite damage, and shifting piers. The company provides comprehensive repair services to address these problems, ensuring that the foundation remains strong and secure. Underground Tunneling In cases where traditional foundation repair methods are not feasible, Above All Foundation Repair offers underground tunneling services. This method involves creating tunnels beneath the foundation to access and repair difficult-to-reach areas without causing significant disruption to the property. It is an innovative solution that allows for effective repairs while preserving the integrity of the home or building. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Above All Foundation Repair is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. They offer free estimates to help homeowners understand the scope and cost of the required repairs. The company’s experienced team works diligently to complete projects on time and within budget, using high-quality materials and the latest techniques to deliver lasting results. Address : 119 E Turbo Dr, San Antonio, TX, 78216, United States Phone : (210) 920-3042 Business Email : info@aboveallfoundationrepair.com

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