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    About the Company

    Abstract Ayurveda provides classical Ayurveda treatment for the people by implementing Ayurvedic science and its rich heritage. Abstract Ayurveda aims to bring those life-savior elements back into today’s life to create a healthy society. Abstract Ayurveda provides an incredible blend of nature and its medical goodness to heal your body and tap into your most authentic healthy state of the body. For years, we have been interacting the knowledge gained from the latest scientific research with the ancient herbs and natural therapies of Ayurveda to create healthy humankind.

    Our Services

    Ayurvedic Treatments: - Diabetes - General Conditions - Osteo - Stomach Disorders - Sexual Disorders - Liver Conditions - Female Disorders - Skin & Hair - Neurological Conditions - Respiratory Conditions - Kidney Conditions - Thyroidism Panchkarma: - ABHYANGA - SHIRODHARA - NASYAM - VIRECHANA - GRIVA BASTI - JANU BASTI - ELA KIZHI (PATRA PINDA SWEDA) - NJAVARAKIZHI - UDVARTHANAM

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    C1 Health Center Basement Near Chopra Diagnostic Sector 31 Gurugram Haryana 122001

    Our Snapshot

    • Company Size (FTE): 1-10
    • Offices: 1