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    About the Company

    Amber emanates a calming aura, like a beautiful flower in full bloom, radiating warmth, illumination, and affection. Her deepest joy lies in nurturing her role as a mother and guiding others towards reconnecting with their individual divine essence, fostering soul connection. Happily married to her true love and best friend John, she cherishes the gift of raising six children, enveloped in the embrace of mother love. Amber finds solace in horseback riding, playing at the beach, and venturing into varied forests, where she feels at one with nature’s tranquil beauty. Amber's calming presence extends beyond her family life. She loves spending time outside, caring for her garden filled with beautiful flowers. She feels calm and happy surrounded by nature's perfect love. Her heart beats with joy as she listens to the soothing sounds of the outdoors. Amber is a caring person who loves her family and enjoys being in nature. Her daily interactions with the environment are not just pastimes but soulful nature experiences that deepen her connection to the world. These moments are introspective nature tales that she cherishes, each one teaching her something new about life and her place within it. Whether it’s a quiet morning spent in the garden or a brisk walk through the forest, Amber’s activities are opportunities to nurture her soul and rediscover her essence amidst the natural world.

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