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    About the Company

    Automat, founded in 1972 by Mr. P.K. Jain, is a leading global manufacturer of irrigation-related products. They have one of the best irrigation products in the industry at universally affordable prices across all geographies. Headquartered in Delhi, it has a presence in over 110 countries, catering to the needs of farmers and buyers worldwide. Automat produces over 350 agricultural products in eight different product categories, including sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, fertigation, various valves, landscape & turf irrigation, and so on. In fact, new products, processes, and manufacturing generate 15% of annual revenue, and their differentiator is 45 years of deep manufacturing and industrial knowledge. Their turnkey services include project concept and design, project execution and management, project contracting, material procurement and quality control, project inspection and operation, and project and system maintenance. Self-motivated employees are the foundation of their creativity and innovation, and customers and channel partners are paramount to Automat's business success.

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    Screen filter Venturi Fertilizer Injector Venturi Injector Drip Irrigation Rain gun Fertigation equipment

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