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    About the Company

    CartUp AI is a cutting-edge AI solution for e-commerce. It is a SaaS solution that delivers immediate e-commerce sales growth through powerful AI. By deploying CartUp AI within their e-commerce platform, e-commerce merchants will improve e-commerce conversion and upsell through recommendations and personalized search. An e-commerce platform with CartUp AI will provide a personalized shopping experience to site visitors. It will guide visitors through their shopping journey from product discovery to conversion. The AI-based e-commerce personalization and recommendation solution uses AI/ machine learning (ML) to synthesize visitors' data. It looks at browsing patterns, purchase history, demographic, and psychographic data. It uses this data to offer AI-based product recommendations with precision and speed to match visitors' intent in real-time. As a result, recommended products are based on individual visitor's preferences, tastes, and intent, leading to better visitor engagement, conversion, and overall customer experience. CartUp's AI-based delightful search engine uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine the intent of a query. That intent will drive the results of the search. It has best-in-class features such as autocompletion, typo correction, synonym detection, and dynamic faceting. It applies ML-based personalized ranking to provide hyper-personalized search suggestions tailored to individual visitors. Visitors will no longer bounce because of a frustrating search experience, instead, they will find products they will want to buy.

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