About the Company

We use the CVSA - Computer Voice Stress Analyzer for all lie detection -credibility assessment services. The CVSA is used by over 2,000 law enforcement agencies to include Atlanta GA Police Department, CA Dept of Corrections., CA Highway Patrol. Miami FL Police Department, to name a few agencies. The CVSA is the ALTERNATIVE to POLYGRAPH. Unlike the polygraph the CVSA cannot be beaten using countermeasures and is non intrusive. It also can be used on subjects with health issues as he or she would be excluded from a polygraph. The CVSA is 97% accurate. Our firm provides lie detection & credibility assessment services for criminal and civil cases. We also provide lie corporate lie detection services in regards to employee theft, embezzlement and other matters. In addition we provide lie detection exams for immigration cases. Our services are available in major cities in Florida & Georgia. Florida Main Office (407)583-4080 www.LieDetectionFL.com Georgia Main Office (404)665-3555 www.LieDetectionGA.com

Our Services

$165.00 per hour and flat rate charges

Advisory type

Consulting, Legal (& Notary)

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Full Service Firm, Full Service Firm



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  • Average Rate: Higher Market ($$$)
  • Company Size (FTE): 11-50
  • Offices: 2