About the Company

everdesign is the studio of german industrial designer Stephan Hauser. We are product architects. We develop and design consumer products and capital goods, create furniture and interiors, provide consultancy service in innovation research and development. We believe that design is about finding unmet needs, about the way people interact with and use the product or service, about economic and environmental sustainability, about providing utility and pleasure. Design can be applied to services and organizational structure, to financial systems and medical practice. It is not just style and appearance, although these play an important role. We believe, that the keys to good design are: Reason, Function, Beauty, Risk & Humor.

Advisory type

Design & Multimedia

Service line

Industrial Design

Industrial Design Product Design Furtniture Design Praphics Design Concept Design

Our Snapshot

  • Average Rate: Middle Market ($$)
  • Company Size (FTE): 1-10