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    About the Company

    GoFounders is the world’s leading AI product-driven company, which is specialized in the field of business automation to streamline the complete business processes. With all of its dedicated and hardworking team, GoFounders is set to make a difference and to meet all the requirements of any business. The company is devoted to make the business process simpler and faster with the help of its Artificial Intelligence product. This in turn will help millions of businesses across the globe to achieve their business growth efficiently. GoFounders is an innovative software and technology firm that has a pool of motivated individuals – also known as – founders who create and hone more leaders for the organization. The leaders and founders are a part of the AI ecosystem that automates day-to-day business operations and builds an exponential revenue stream for the stakeholders. This provides ample time and opportunity for business owners to focus on building their business without having to worry about the regular functions of the business. Any individual willing to join GoFounders can become a part of the organization either by being one of the founders or by becoming one of the participants. However, the processes differ depending upon the role an individual wishes to assume. Nevertheless, as of now, the organization is accepting only a limited number of founders and that can be done only via invites extended from other original founders. GoFounders also provides exclusive access to AI-powered automation systems for its joiners who can milk it for their advantage and create a robust yet growing revenue stream. This includes automating their business operations and channeling income in the business without any physical efforts. GoFounders is currently accepting new individuals as founders based on exclusive invites from the original founders only. Get in touch with a founder or log on to https://www.gofounders.net for more information about the innovative AI powered business technology.

    Our Services

    Online business is the most trending methods of promotion in this present digital era. With the support of this promotion, it is easy to get the right audience for your business. Every day, you can find several advancements in the field of sales, and this is bringing the world closer than it was yesterday. Many people are trying to implement unique ways of advertise to fight competition in the world. Artificial Intelligence is one of the best methods of advertising today. We see AI being implemented in almost all industries. This is because we are witnessing substantive applications of AI technology everywhere. With the help of AI, we can analyse massive data sets of information to aid the first-line customer service inquiries, and also in developing micro-market segments. Many vendors are waiting to see how AI changes marketing over the next decade. GoFounders, an IT organization, is working on building a lucrative promoting platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. With AI as the backbone, advertising is getting easier and precise every day. With the help of GoFounders network advertising platform has become entirely automated. It is easy to access the necessary tools that help your businesses grow. With a wide range of online business services, GoFounders help businesses to grow from simple beginnings to game-changing success. Here’s how to join the force of one of the best business platform - GoFounders. Tools available on GoFounders platforms are: 1. My Team: To view the overall performance of the team and details of the team members. 2. My Invitations: To create customised Email Templates for the invitation purpose. It also allows sending emails in bulk to multiple invitees. 3. My Links: This option allows copying, sharing and creating links for invitation, Webinar and Presentations. 4. TrimURL: This is a tool developed in-house to be used by the founders for creating customised links for the invitation purpose. 5. Webinars: Previous webinar recordings and upcoming webinar information can be viewed in this section, along with moderator and login credentials. 6. Downloads: Founders can download and use contents such as videos, posters and videos, e-books created for founders to share these at desired platforms for awareness purpose. 7. Community: This section is created for keeping the motivation flowing among teams on GoFounders platform. Here the contents shared for highlighting the success GoFounders and ONPASSIVE have achieved till date. Along with these tools, GoFounders provides Support tab for providing 24/7 assistance in case of any query or help required. Here are a few things to know on how to join GoFounders: Sign-up Via GoFounders You can sign up to be a founder member of ONPASSIVE via GoFounders, and the program automatically places you to an OP admin. If you have your inviter, you can use the link provided by them and register to be a member of GoFounders. The system offers a forced matrix structure, i.e., 3 x 10 matrix. The Founders position is filled according to the date of joining the system, and the number personally sponsored paid Founders. There are two ways of joining ONPASSIVE - one is through direct sign up as explained above, and the other is through Invitation. Direct Sign-up: You can directly register on the ONPASSIVE website and get an invitation link from one of the sponsors. Visit https://onpassive.com/ >> Click on “BECOME A FOUNDER NOW” >> you will be redirected to Registration Page. Sign-up via Invitation: You can have someone invite you to join. If you have a sponsor and have shared the invitation link with you, make sure that their name is mentioned above the page. Ask your sponsor to resend the link if their name isn’t on the page. Payment Plans ONPASSIVE proposes two plans to avail financial freedom. The cost of joining is $97 (recommended plan). This comes with the initial “Founders” fee. With this fee, you are expected to be placed at 1% top of others. As said earlier, the system is fully automated, and you will be placed in the position that is available with the first Founder members of ONPASSIVE. The second payment plan is $997. You can wait until ONPASSIVE launches then pay the above fee and buy a $25 worth business package. The reason why the other plan ($97 plan) is recommended is that you can get placed at the top of the Founders as you are filling the positions before everybody joins after a successful launch of ONPASSIVE. Joining GoFounders brings several business opportunities for people who are hungry for success. Digital marketing is the way to get what is right for your business. With the help of artificial intelligence, GoFounders is ready to build a smarter platform for people to market their business online.

    Our Snapshot

    • Company Size (FTE): 51-200