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    About the Company

    Founded in 2004, Provincial Development Group, Inc., is a professional services firm based in Nashville, TN. We assist small and mid-sized businesses to actualize revenue growth, enhance their leadership and navigate seasons of transition. We serve a wide range of industries, enabling us to deliver creative solutions that go beyond the norm of specific sectors. Our expertise is in leveraging your resident knowledge and skill in a more effective manner while providing external insight and perspective for a “best of both worlds” scenario. The Provincial Development Group serves clients throughout the United States and Canada.

    Our Services

    INTERIM EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Interim Executive Leadership provides small and mid-sized companies access to C-Suite leadership that is scalable, flexible and highly effective. This unique model goes beyond good ideas or traditional consulting, and delivers tangible solutions to help companies exceed their growth objectives in a sustainable manner. Our 360 Degree Business Discovery process ensures that a company’s objectives are thoughtfully matched to the right skill set and leadership style. The results are compelling and expressed in our clients’ testimonials. We provide Interim and Fractional CEOs, Presidents and various Business Development Leadership roles. LEADERSHIP & OWNERSHIP TRANSITIONS Companies considering a transition in ownership or leadership face a daunting task. Whether ownership retains its stake and brings in new leadership, considers passing the torch to a family member, or plans to sell the company, navigating these waters internally can be overwhelming. We help companies identify the critical bench marks of the transition, ensuring that the customer base and business development elements are secure, maximizing market readiness and positioning the company to achieve a legacy, not just a change. Successions are a process, not an event. We offer an objective, third-party perspective, whether directly involved in preparing the due diligence, mapping out the transfer plans or simply providing guidance throughout the different stages. NASHVILLE LEADERSHIP LUNCHEON The Nashville Leadership Luncheon is a biannual gathering of entrepreneurs, business executives and business development leaders. Host and founder, Blain Wease, brings like- minded professionals together for a compelling and informative event. Every spring and fall, exceptional leaders present their exclusive insights and share the experiences and challenges that make them successful. Title Sponsors > Nashville Predators & Bridgestone Arena. Learn more at SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Blain Wease draws on his wealth of experience to present an authentic and relevant message. His straightforward, interactive style is engaging, informative and motivational. Blain is able to present complex ideas in ways that are both inspirational and actionable. He has presented to a diverse array of organizations, corporate functions and international conferences throughout North America.

    Advisory type

    Consulting, Advertising, Sales, Marketing & PR

    Service line

    Corporate Development & Events, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Restructuring & Transformation, Strategy, Branding, Design & Identity, Business to Business Marketing, Content Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Relationship Marketing

    Leadership Interim Management Exit Planning Transition Business Development

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