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    About the Company

    Qonsults is beyond technology, we are a firm believer of the fact that there is a need of an expert aligned with the vision of the shareholders to structure the right strategy and execute it with least possible learning curves and surprises. Retailers, wholesalers, manufactures and eventually the entire trade industry is facing an unparalleled challenge of launching their digital business models. Quite a few launched and couldn’t meet their financial projections & reasons could be endless. Qonsults consult you as your eCommerce strategist! Consultants at Qonsults has proved with a handful of cases in the last 10+ years that you are in any business domain, all that you need to go live with an eCommerce/digital business model is the right consultant. Companies do look at this as an expense, our clients looked at it an investment to save the major part of it in exercising the wrong strategies. Qonsults will get into the skin of “your” eCommerce game. Let’s find out together how our consultants can help deliver growth for your eCommerce concept, using 10+ years of knowledge in this space.

    Our Services

    Market research & competitive analysis – here we will analyze your eCommerce idea or if you are planning to take your business digital. The analysis would include the potential business size that you are looking at, competition in the market, the demand of your products in eCommerce space, resources that will be required to manage the business, analyze the existing team to be a part of eCommerce business, economic factors that will impact the business model. Commercial model setting with financials – here we will set out the right commercial model in line with the investments planned for your eCommerce model. It’s a myth that it works on its own, Qonsults urge all businesses house to be prepared for a reasonable investment as you are aiming to launch your digital store & that requires an investment but not as much as a physical business model. Investment is mainly in the areas of technology, launch, on-going operations, marketing and sustainability. This stage defines transparently advises on all. Every aspect in this stage is reported and consulted to you with rationales that work in your market and in your industry. A retailer might have a different break-even point as opposed to a wholesaler or a pharmacy that would like to sell online and increase their sales. Technology decision – at this stage Qonsults will consult you which platform perfectly fits your business goals. You may be a boutique operating in a town or a large-scale retailer with already tens of stores, both will have a different platform to build the business model. Its an extremely crucial decision and is highly recommended not to be decided only based on what other talks about. This decision defines the success or failure of the journey. Overall financial model – here we consult you on your ultimate objectives and the larger game plan that you have. You may start with a limited investment, but you believe that your eCommerce concept may attract investors in the future which should be planned from now. Good digital concepts do attract investors to scale up and this is happening from the times of Amazon and will continue to. Entrepreneurs may need to know right on conceptualization stage what would build novelty if that is looked or you may simply like to have a model which would take the advance of exponentially growing numbers in eCommerce space. We consult you on all of that and set that out clearly for you first 3 years of the business. In this stage, we also work on various investment models, equities, shareholders agreements (if required), potential exit at some point for the venture. End to end project management to launch – we act as your appointed consultants to the overall project and work closely with all internal and external stakeholders. Key deliverables such as payment gateway solution, logistics partner, operations SOPs, pricing strategy, promotions strategy, launch strategy, resources with hiring & training, assigning the tasks to the cataloguing teams & overseeing their performance, integrations, spearheading the technology partner appointed, ensuring that all deliverables are met in time with bottle tight turnaround time and contingency plans. We work on this stage after singing a detailed project planning report with our clients. Launch and marketing strategy – this stage is dedicated to most of the marketing exercises aligned with the budgets. The channels that work for your model, audience, platforms, analytical tools that should be engaged with initially and at a later stage with data management. Launch plays the most crucial role in a successful eCommerce model. Operations management, initially – this is the stage where we work as your eCommerce managers in ensuring all goes in line with the plan set out. This includes consulting the head of eCommerce/general manager/CEO of the venture. Closely working with the team and ensuring financial results so the concept is in motion.

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    Service line

    Digital Economy, Human Resources & Organization, Innovation, IT Advisory, Operations, Restructuring & Transformation, Strategy



    531A Upper Cross Street, #04-95, Hong Lim Complex 051531 Singapore

    Our Snapshot

    • Average Rate: Upper Market ($$$$)
    • Company Size (FTE): 11-50
    • Offices: 3