Specialists in International Law on Latin America and the Caribbean, S.C. (SILLAC)

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    About the Company

    Specialists in International Law on Latin America and the Caribbean, S.C. (SILLAC) is a hemispheric international law firm with attorneys, who are specialists in the different areas of law in Latin American and Caribbean jurisdictions. SILLAC specializes in defending the industrial and business communities against industrial Civil and Criminal liability (applying Amparo legislation, where available) in cases of non-compliance with the chemical and environmental regulatory framework in LAC. Additionally, SILLAC can take on chemical product registration dossiers and offers updates on the UN Globally Harmonized System of Hazardous Chemicals (GHS) in Mexico, Latin America and The Caribbean. SILLAC is delighted to litigate the enforcement of arbitral awards in LAC. This means that if your company has been awarded a foreign arbitral judgement , we can assist in its local enforcement in Mexico and in most of LAC. If your business contract contains an arbitration clause under the different jurisdictions in LAC, we can help in the arbitration process in any LAC country. SILLAC specialists can recommend the best ways in which to protect your direct and indirect foreign investments in the LAC region, such as being able to identify and defend against unlawful takings (expropriations). Our specialists can draw-up the best contracts protecting your interests in the areas of: International Banking; Gas and Oil operations (including service stations projects) and international bidding processes; Mining (setup of mineral and metallurgy plants); Turnkey Projects (industrial plants and tourism projects). A new service in SILLAC is the setup of Higher Education and Distance Education campuses in Mexico and Latin America. The educational component is a very profitable business in LAC considering the immense market of young aspiring professionals in the legal, administrative, cyber security, and information technology areas. Our team of foreign international attorneys specialized in Latin America and The Caribbean can ease the setup transition into LAC of your business or industry. Please let us show you how the LAC market welcomes your products and can make your investment a worthwhile and highly lucrative experience. Please see our complete list of Products and Services, which are not limited to: Environmental Law; Labor Law; Employment Contracts; International Contract Law; Copyright; Patents; Industrial and Intellectual Property; International Insurance; Import authorizations for international donations and works of art; and International Family Law (Wills, Trusts, and Adoptions).

    Our Services

    Legal Products and Services - Regional and International Trade Banking - Loan Agreements - Financing and Credit Contract Law Chemical Management Compliance - New Chemical Product Registration Dossier - Chemical Import Registration and Authorizations - Country-specific regulations: Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) - UN Globally Harmonized System of Hazardous Chemicals, Classification, Labelling, Safety Data Sheet Civil and Criminal Liability - Amparo Recourse - Availability and Procedure Conflict Resolution & Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards throughout Latin America and the Caribbean - Mediation, Conciliation, and Arbitration services for International Business-to-Business disputes International employment conflicts Customs Law Education School Board Accreditation Dossier for Higher Education Programs Gas and Oil Operations - Service stations projects - International Bidding Industrial Compliance - Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) - Labor Liability Legislation - Industrial and Commercial Property - Taxation Family Law - Wills and Trusts - Divorce, Custody, and Adoptions Legal Services - Joint Ventures/Mergers and Acquisitions - Patents and Copyrights - Industrial and Intellectual Property - Maritime Trade Law Mining - Mineral and metallurgy plants Protection of Foreign Direct/Indirect Investment - Expropriations: Identification of unlawful takings Taxation Laws - Fiscal representation Trade Litigation - Unfair trade (antidumping/countervailing measures) originating under regional free trade agreements - Unfair trade cases arising from regional trade blocs, such as MERCOSUR, the Andean Community, or CARICOM, under the World Trade Organization (WTO). Turnkey Projects - Industrial Park Packages - Plants and Storage Facilities throughout LAC SILLAC has added Industrial Parks throughout Latin America and The Caribbean (LAC) as a new product. It is offering this product to interested investors since it is often a part of the regulatory framework of many products including chemicals and hydrocarbons. In an effort to assist our clients to understand compliance in this area, we will also list the different options available throughout LAC. We will make every effort to provide our clients with information on the different packages offered by industrial parks throughout LAC. We will also explain the different mandatory regulations that apply in diverse jurisdictions, including the various free zones and the procedure to obtain a free zone declaration.

    Advisory type

    Legal (& Notary), Tax, Writing & Translation

    Service line

    Banking & Finance, Commercial Contracts, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Energy, Mining & Infrastructure, Environmental, Financial Institutions, Intellectual Property, Mediation, Regulatory, Compliance & Corporate Governance, Trade & Commerce, Trusts, Private Clients & Charities, Other Services, International / Cross Border Tax Services, Interpreting Services, Translation, Translation - Business, Translation - Legal, Voice Over, Portuguese(Brazilian), Spanish(European)

    Regulatory frameworks of Latin America and the Caribbean.


    United States - Representation Office

    Our Snapshot

    • Average Rate: Middle Market ($$)
    • Company Size (FTE): 11-50
    • Offices: 1