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About the Company

=> NO STRING ATTACHED FOR ALL Entrepreneurs Both Start-Ups & Established Businesses IS AS FOLLOWS 1. FREE ONLINE BUSINESS MENTORING 2. FREE AT SITE HAND HOLDING FOR FIRST VISIT OF UP-TO 3 DAYS [if our travel, local conveyance, stay are borne by the Entrepreneurs] WE have successfully mentored & DELIVERED PRE-IDENTIFIED DEFINED RESULTS IN companies from Say 1 Million USD Turn Over to 500 Million USD in both India as well as Abroad. WE do not just advice - but instead WE work with the Top/Main/Chief Stakeholder to implement actions to deliver results. WE would appreciate highly - in case you can circulate this among all the Entrepreneurs You know about.  Get Edge Business-Wise 1. Complete Business Turn-Around Handholding 2. SPECIFIC RESULT BASED SOLUTIONS 3. Executive Coaching 4. Start-ups & Established Business Mentoring 5. Creating Process Leadership & Excellence 6. Creating Thought Leadership & Excellence 7. Creating Manufacturing Leadership & Excellence 8. Creating People Leadership & Excellence 9. Creating Service Leadership & Excellence 10. Creating Product Leadership & Excellence 11. Creating Business Leadership & Excellence 12. Creating Social Leadership & Excellence 13. Creating Quality Leadership & Excellence 14. Creating Customer Leadership & Excellence 15. Creating Brand Leadership & Excellence 16. Creating Operational Leadership & Excellence 17. Creating Marketing Leadership & Excellence 18. Creating CULTURE TRANSFORMATION 19. SOFT & HARD SKILLS TRAINING 20. CREATING SUSTAINABLE CHANGE It can be any Business – as long as you have at least 1 Subject Matter/Domain Expert of the Business You are in, e.g., If you are in Power/Steel/Garment/Software/Trading/Any Business - & You do not know/have some real expert, then YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY BUSINESS TO BE IN THAT BUSINESS. The value addition what we do is in the following areas 1. Implementing New Effective Culture like Lean Manufacturing/6 Sigma 2. Implementing/Improving Quality/Safety/HR/Manufacturing Processes Excellence 3. Help you Reach Effectively to Break in Market – If You are struggling in selling 4. Capability Building – people excellence 5. Talent attraction, talent recruitment & talent retention 6. Expansion of your business 7. Total turn-key Management 8. Employee engagement 9. Creating a culture of innovation/Learning organization 10. Implementing change – Like Cost Optimization/Production efficiency Increment etc. 11. Implementing Performance Management System & Processes 12. Executive Coaching 13. Creating Vision for Future/New Products/Services 14. Service Excellence 15. Brand Leadership We do this working at the site with the Top/Major Stakeholder You can also check my website => Which Crossed 1,50,000 views within 11 & 1/2 months My LinkedIn Profile => My Quora answers - Which Crossed 2,50,000 views within 90 days => During My Consultancy Experience - I have had the privilege of doing the following - in course of taking a company from 150 Million USD to 250 Million USD through handling complete setting up of 2 New Units handling all aspects of HR/Production/ Quality/Manufacturing. In this project as far as HR is concerned I handled the following main areas Recruitment the Top to Workers Level from Interviewing in 6 Countries Training Center Set-up Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Systems Complete Total Quality Management System Complete Total Preventive Maintenance Executive Coaching for Entire Top Leadership Setting up of Performance Management System Setting up of Appraisal system R & R Employee Engagement Process Complete Quality Processes Skill Up-gradation Salary Evaluation & Correction Grievance Prevention Setting up of performance linked career path

Our Services

Complete Business Turn-Around Solutions, Specific Results Based Business Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Soft & Hard Skill Training, Start-up Guidance & Mentoring, Assessment & Development Center, Culture Change Like Implementing Lean/6 Sigma/Learning Organization/Innovation Culture, Couples Relationship Programs, Programs for Teachers, Program for Schools, Programs for Students etc etc

Advisory type

Consulting, Recruiting & HR

Service line

Generalist, Full Service Firm, Corporate Development & Events, Human Resources & Organization, Innovation, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Restructuring & Transformation, Strategy, Other Services, Generalist, Full Service Firm, Compensation and Performance Management, Executive Search, Family Business Advisory, HR Services, HR & Business Transformation, HR & Management Development, HR & Reintegration, HR Strategic , Interim Recruiting / Management, Recruiting, Talent Management, Temporary Solutions

Delivering Results Working on Measurable Targets Working with Top Leadership Working on Solutions Handholding till Results is Achieved Meaningful Results - No Beating around Bush with Advice



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  • Average Rate: Middle Market ($$)
  • Company Size (FTE): 11-50
  • Offices: 1