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    About the Company

    Our Value to the Market Place Since 1990 … Our company’s core competency is its mastery of understanding human behavior and its direct impact on individual, team, and organizational performance – to include the 5 Generations in the workforce today. We are organizational and leadership development experts building 'The Magnificent Leader', defined as one who owns their earned value and market relevance. We are experts at helping our clients use speed as a weapon to compete as a disruptive force its market space, align their organization from the CEO to its front-line employees, and develop and retain their highest innovative and performing employees.

    Our Services

    Our 4 Core Competencies: 1. STRATEGY: Decisive Point to Success for ANY Organization Vision Alignment® has a track-record of success in guiding senior leadership in the creation, cross-functional alignment and execution of this “unifed approach” which we call a “Grand Strategy.” Grand Strategies are designed to encompass and align the entire organization according to common goals, processes, standards of performance and language. They establish a “single source of truth” (a common reference point) across the organization and metrics that make sense and drive optimal results. 2. ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT: There Really Is a ROI Vision Alignment helps organizations build and refine their corporate identity that makes it much more than simply a statement on your letterhead or a poster on the wall. Our approach positions organizations to see first-hand how best to build their environment that capitalizes on their strengths, make quick market adjustments and execute according to plan. When complete, this foundation guides organizations in making any and all decisions, from strategic direction to aligning people and process. 3. DEVELOPING DECISIVE LEADERS: Leaders Aligned w/Purpose Statistics show leadership development impacts up to 25% improvement in performance. Vision Alignment provides leadership development, which very simply, supports successful execution. It drives creativity and critical thinking, while balancing the art and science of business. Our training and development provides a safe foundation for intellectual honesty – a place that affords safety to give feedback that is important to the business’ health. Companies who invest in their people will feel the positive results in their profitability and market leader columns. 4. IDENTIFYING & RETAINING THE BEST: Train & Develop Your High Potential Employees Vision Alignment keeps organizations from making the wrong hire and ultimately wasting time and financial resources. We provide organizations with a simple way of understanding the required ROI for its workforce. Our expertise also shows organizations how to align individual roles to the organization’s overarching strategy. Vision Alignment helps organizations to understand that they must: 1) Look beyond skill in hiring top talent. 2) Understand that a prior track record of success does not necessarily mean success. 3) Teams must be aligned and execute to the highest principles (essentials) of an organization.


    Phoenix AZ

    Our Snapshot

    • Average Rate: Higher Market ($$$)
    • Company Size (FTE): 1-10
    • Offices: 1