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Style icons are not born, but become thanks to professional experts. From magazine covers, billboards and television screens, impeccably dressed stars look at us every day, style icons that millions are trying to emulate. But, as a rule, in ordinary life, these ideal pictures turn into an ordinary mass of people without taste and their own style. Therefore, you should not envy, everyone can look like a million if they master the profession of a stylist. One of the brightest representatives of the fashion world - professional stylist Daria Beloyvan knows many secrets in order to create a perfectly matched image for a specific person. A sense of style is not an innate quality, but a skill that can be learned. Daria Beloyvan claims that those who cannot afford the services of a stylist have a chance to learn how to dress tastefully by following her professional advice. Stylist Daria Beloyvan knows the topic of fashion inside and out, because her path began with the Russian Fashion House of the meter himself - Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Having started her career as a model over time, Daria Beloyvan has grown to the level of a fashion expert and a famous top stylist. Therefore, today she is happy to share her style secrets. According to stylist Daria Beloyvan, the first place should always be the classic, which is combined with any accessories and is suitable for every occasion. In second place is a black bag - an accessory for all times and for any tasks. Well, the key fashion recommendations from the stylist Daria Beloyvan are closed by a classic-cut coat that is combined with any style of clothing and is universal in any wardrobe.

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