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Some think locally. Edward thinks customized global solutions. ABOUT EDWARD ZHANG: Edward Zhang is an expert attorney specializing in corporate compliance and commercial dispute resolution within such fields as trade, investment, finance, and intellectual properties, etc., both domestically and internationally. HOW HE CAN HELP YOU: Edward, blessed with over 12 years of practicing experience and together with his team of global insight, has a solid understanding of the local laws and regulations of China and a thorough appreciation of rules, norms and usages governing trading and commercial activities between states. This enables him to help investors and merchants from around the globe invest and conduct business in China, by handling each transaction with legal, financial and business fluency and offering sound and practical advice at every stage, with a view, for them, to pursuing high value targets and achieving superior returns in the second-largest economy in the world. During the post-establishment phase and in daily governance, Edward helps enterprises create corporate compliance programs that address their compliance risks and mitigate problems. Still, Edward`s global commercial practice can help enterprises enter new markets, conduct safe transactions and confidently grow their business around the world. Should disputes arise, Edward helps identify and implement appropriate solutions to disputes, either by pursuing or defending litigation, arbitration or other ADR mechanisms.

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Legal (& Notary)

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Generalist, Commercial Contracts, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Mediation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Public Sector, Regulatory, Compliance & Corporate Governance


Alternative Dispute Resolution Joint Ventures Dispute Resolution Mergers & Acquisitions Int`l commercial arbitration International litigation Corporate compliance PE/VC Risk Management Mediation & Conciliation Civil Litigation International Human Rights International Investment Arbitration Intellectual Property International Financial Law International Litigation Dispute Litigation Arbitration Commercial Litigation Securities Regulation Mediation Legal Advice International Law Strategy Finance Corporate Governance Business Strategy Management Negotiation

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Wuhan University

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