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I started Ops Exec, Inc. in the Fall of 2013 with the purpose of using the marketing and operations techniques I had learned running large companies over the past 30 years. My plan was to help local business owners set up lead capture systems, assist them with web development, mobile marketing, email marketing, and other operational issues that they may have. However, as I started working with clients, I noticed some big problems. For example, I noticed: Most small to medium sized businesses had no system or methodology for running the day-to-day business Most businesses had no clear way of distinguishing themselves from their competition, and as a result ended up trying to compete on price alone. Most businesses were doing a terrible job of tracking their return on investment from advertising, and thus were wasting significant amounts of money on expensive advertising that wasn’t really getting them any business.​ Business owners had a hard time committing to any one set of tactics, and would quickly get distracted by the “next thing” that came along. All of these problems could be summed up by one statement: most of the businesses had no operations and marketing strategy or plan whatsoever. This was making my job very difficult, because no matter how well I did helping a business set up tactics, it wasn’t going to produce good results for them without a strategy behind it. Ops Exec, Inc. was built around the idea that every business owner needs time to work on their business not in it. Do you ever get the feeling that you can’t get it all done? The only thing we can’t get back is time. That’s why as business owners it’s essential that we spend every minute we can serving clients, closing deals and generating leads. That’s the high payoff work, but what about all those things that get in the way of the profitable work? Ops Exec, Inc. was established to help local businesses successfully develop and implement their marketing and operations strategies. We assist a diverse client base in meeting the demands of today’s challenging markets. The unique proprietary approach that we adopt has resulted in rapid growth of our clients company and their client base.

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