Randy Jay Brock

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I am fluent in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. I specialize in military history, geography, history, government, current events and politics just to name a few. But I have and extraordinary range of subjects I can cover for my clients. If you need medicine, engineering, philosophy, rhetoric.. If the subject has ever been written about or mentioned in the Sunday edition of the NY Times I can translate it either to or from these three languages to English and vice versa. My other consulting efforts have been working for the US Government, specifically, the US State Dept, Dept of Defense and finally Central Intelligence Agency as a contracted High Threat Security Consultant in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan from 2004 until 2016. I learned my trade while serving as an Infantry Officer 0302 in the US Marine Corps. I have experience as a webmaster and am a Marketing Partner with Google Inc. In this capacity I have used my talents to stand up and develop marketing and advertising strategies for marketing and advertising niche products to an extremely diverse audience with specialised tastes world wide. Along with this, I have developed a talent and new found interest for web page design/development and I have recently been chosen to serve as a Mentor for Rory Ricord and Brunette Marketing.

Advisory type

Consulting, Writing & Translation

Service line

Marketing & Sales, Operations, Risk Management, Interpreting Services, Proofreading, Social Media Writing, Translation, Website Content Writing, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish


Linguistics high threat security Marketing advertising

Previous Employers

Blackwater USA, MVM Inc, Academi, Xe Services, Covenant Special Projects, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Wideroe Airlines (Norway)

College / University Degrees


Brigham Young University

Specialized training, Certifications

Combat Trauma Medicine Course 2015 US Dept of State High Threat Diplomatic Security Course/Blackwater 2004 USMC iNFANTRY Officer Course IOC 1996


Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

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