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Could you improve your business model? Do you have a strong team? Is your business growing? Do you have someone to use as a focus group? What do you do with an opportunity or issue you haven't faced before? I help top business leaders develop strategic opportunities and problem-solve difficult challenges. This is accomplished through assessments, mentoring, private coaching, and management of advisory boards. I use tools from Strategyzer for developing business plans. I also think "Lean"--am a practitioner of Lean Thinking since 1986. Do you want to buy a competitor? Prepare your business for sale? Plan your exit? Many clients appreciate my assistance with exits or acquisitions. I advise on issues I see and perform due diligence and do financial modeling to project synergies for combined entities. I have experience from both sides and can coach CEO's on the process and choices they might consider. I also assist with identifying target companies and getting them into your opportunity pipeline. | 408.657.8221 (M). To learn more about me, visit my website at, You can also find my profile at where you can view dozens of answers I've given to see how I think. I'm typically a most viewed writer in several business categories. Want to explore how I might add value? Chat for an hour or so? Feel free to schedule here, anywhere in the SF Bay Area, no charge: Go here: For startups, I provide mentoring / coaching for Founders in early stage companies. Creating a company from an idea can be challenging. I explore alternative ways to conceive a business model and improve value propositions. I lead workshops where I coach entrepreneurs to understand their idea as a business and ways to consider alternatives. I encourage lean startup thinking. For over 30 years I enjoyed successes in Lean Thinking in durable goods manufacturing, an experience I wish to share with others. I've personally used Lean Thinking to improve operations and succeed in turnaround situations.

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Generalist, Innovation, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Restructuring & Transformation, Strategy


I mentor coach and advise Owners Founders and CEO's to build value in their businesses

Asset Management, Banking & Capital Markets, Biotechnology, Building & Construction, Capital Projects & Infrastructure, Computer, Consulting, Consumer Products, Electronics, Entertainment, Hospitality & Leisure, Healthcare, High Tech, M&A, Manufacturing, Services Industries, Technology, Transport & Logistics, Venture Capital

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Expeerious (Current) Foliot Northwood Design Partners Michael Taylor Designs RJLA Officeworks Electronic Data Products APW Enclosures HNI Corporation Maytag

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Drake, Iowa State University

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Certified Board Facilitator Lean Thinking

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