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Svitlana Kyrychek is an engineer by profession a traveler by Vocation Svitlana Kyrychek is a unique, world-famous women's cruise community. The members of this closed club are united by a shared passion - traveling. Today, Svitlana Kyrychek is a famous travel blogger and journalist who has been doing her favorite thing, travel, for almost half a century. The first trip took place in 1978, and at the end of 2021, 136 countries, 50 cruises, four round-the-world trips gathered in her piggy bank. She could not even imagine that traveling would become her life's work on her first trip because she is an engineer by education. For a long time, Svitlana could not decide on the choice of her future profession. The decision was a compromise - the general technical faculty of the Vinnytsia Polytechnic Institute. After graduating from the 3rd year, she transferred to the Faculty of Urban Construction of the Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute. In 1976, Svitlana Kyrychek graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Civil Engineering. In 1980 she entered the Kyiv Research Institute of Building Structures graduate school and, after her defense, continued to work there as a junior researcher. In 1994, the future travel blogger Svitlana Kyrychek got an adviser to the Enterprise Development Agency. As part of her work at the company, Svitlana underwent international internships: first in Northern Ireland, in Belfast, then sent to Italy to the University of Milan. Since February 2001, she has been self-employed in real estate transactions. In 2008, she officially retired, but thanks to travel and travel journalism, the fascinating work of travel blogger Svitlana Kyrychek continues today.

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