Vanessa Tabora

My Services

Data Entry (All types), Copy Paste, PDF to word (manual), PDF to excel (manual), Scanned Pages to excel/Word (manual), Business Cards details in excel (manual), Wordpress articles/Products posting, Web Research, Data compiling from Business Directories, e-Commerce development (products details, descriptions and image uploading), Google Docs, Formatting Tasks, Website data scraping (manual), SEO, Blog handling, Page posting, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal management, Video and Image Annotation, Online data processing, Amazon Research, Ebook Research, Manually Typing Work, Power Point Presentation, and All Types of Admin work.

Advisory type

Accounting, Audit & Advisory

Service line

Administration Services


Data Entry Research Data Encoding Data Cleansing Data Management Data Mining Ecommerce web research Magento BigCommerce Word Processing WordPress Theme WordPress e-Commerce Events Broadcasting Google SEO SEO Keyword Research Product Management Online Research Annotation Typing data appending

Previous Employers

Report International FLIR Systems Calkins Media Chariot San Francisco Almarmachinery.Com.Au TheHappyHourFInder.Com InnovatedLeasing.Com.Au KaddatzEquipment.Com FTwoConsulting Toyology.Com.Au LegacyStudios.Com RentExpert.Com

College / University Degrees


Xavier University- Ateneo de Cagayan

Specialized training, Certifications

Bachelor in Science in Food Technology Certificate in Culinary Arts


English, Tagalog

My Snapshot

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  • Rate/hour ($): 1-50
  • Experience level (yrs): 5-10
  • Size of typical clients: Large