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Hello! My name is Francisca, and I am an artist in Arizona, in the southwest United States. I am selling my original art, and commission work. I began painting in watercolors, and I now work mostly in mixed media, and acrylics on canvas. I have been an artist since the early eighties, and I studied privately under a master watercolorist and instructor for over fifteen years. I have been creative since the first grade –when I learned my colors. Interestingly, I still organize my life by colors! Aside from being an artist, I graduated from Arizona State University College of Law, I am a member of the State Bar of Arizona, and I am currently a judge in Phoenix, Arizona. I find a symbiotic dynamic between the two callings in my life. My paintings start intuitively, spontaneously without form or convention. I first select a color palette usually between three to seven colors. I lay the background using various techniques. I hone my composition with a pallet knife or brushwork. I create my paintings based on various fundamentals –design, perspective, and the golden ratio, but the main factor is color theory. Color is like music, it creates an atmosphere in a space, draws the eye, and moves the soul. The theory of color goes back throughout time. I believe that each painting I create is an expression, has a voice of its own that cries out evoking emotion and energy pulling you into the painting and telling its own story.


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