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Tech screening, evaluation; Tech policy; Tech orgs / solutions; Future of technology, policy, ecosystems.

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Accounting, Audit & Advisory, Consulting

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Advisory - Strategy , Innovation


accessibility ethics policy technology evaluation technology screening technology transfer research social ai social robotics future of technology

Education, Healthcare, High Tech, Technology

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/I. Overview/ I've been working on the intersection of tech and society since 2005 year - when I've become a tech explorer and launched a hardware think tank. Over my journey, I worked on tech startups and labs, helped to facilitate tech ecosystem and projects across European Union, North America, APAC, MENA, screened and evaluated technologies and solutions across public and private innovation ecosystems, contributed to tech frameworks and ethics. In 2020/21 I've spent over 60 world appearances to bring awareness to the neurodiversity/ability exclusion crisis, the role of social AI, robotics, human-centered research and evaluation. /II. Mission & Work/ My current work is to reshape the future of algorithms, research and policy with a focus on social and human-centered technologies, ai, robotics, environments and solutions in the fields of neurodiversity, accessibility, learning, wellbeing, gender. ● serve as an explorer, co-designer and advisor for a circle of emerging technologies and organizations; ● serve as an evaluator, screening a variety of research and innovation, tech transfer and cascade funding programs (ex. - the EU Commission, related funds and programs - NDA); ● work on updates and suggestions to tech frameworks, policies and ethics (ex. - "research through the algorithmic diversity lens", "tech evaluation - ethics, accessibility and h. rights criteria", "human-centered ai & ethics") ● co-create and board bottom-up projects, decentralized initiatives, working groups, hackathons aimed to democratize and spread this work further (with Women In AI, MIT and other allies).



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