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Yonah Welker

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● Product Development; ● Product Scaling; ● Team Development; ● Diverse, Multicultural Environment.

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Consulting, Design & Multimedia

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Digital Economy, Innovation, Product Design & Development


Startups Tech Teams Development Startups / New businesses Team Building Team Leadership Innovation & Technology Product Development Product Management Product Marketing

Education, Healthcare, Information Technology, Technology

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New York University

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/Overview/ Since 2005, when I've launched a hardware tech think tank, I’ve been exploring things and products that connect technology, data and society. Over my journey, I worked on tech companies and labs, screened & tested products, help to bring tech (& computer science) beyond North America, including APAC, Africa and emerging communities. My involvement taps tech ecosystems, programs, institutions, initiatives (MIT, Singularity University, 500 Startups, Techstars etc) and multilateral organizations (World Economic Forum, European Commission). /Currently/ I'm open to EIR involvements, expert requests and checking your samples & products at any time. ● Interests: health and wellbeing, education and learning, inclusion, cities ● Technology (examples): data, ai, robotics, devices, platforms ● Expertise: emerging products and technologies, product design & testing, data-driven & personalized products/platforms, inclusive design, moonshots ● Superpower: screening, sourcing, networks



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