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I have 4+ years' experience of developing web apps using the MEAN stack and mobile apps using PhoneGap, Angular and Ionic technologies. I have recently contributed in two world class Angular/Node projects. I have integrated Angular with other JavaScript libraries. Have implemented AngularJS front-ends from wire-frames/mock-ups. Designed, implemented and documented REST APIs in NodeJS using MongoDB as the data source. Have designed NoSQL DB Schemas for document and graph databases and optimized them for performance and scalability. Have used Git, Grunt, Bower and Yeoman in my projects. I believe in Test Driven Development (TDD) and have written unit tests both for client and server code. Also have written end-to-end tests using Protractor and Jasmine. Specialities: - AngularJS - NodeJS | ExpressJS | Koa | ES6 - HTML5 Stack | JavaScript | CSS3 - MongoDB | Neo4J Graph database | RethinkDB - PhoneGap | appMobi | Ionic - Windows Store App Development - SVG | D3.js Data Driven Documents | RaphaelJS - Amazon Web Services | Windows Azure | Heroku - jQuery | jQuery Mobile | jQuery Isotopes - Mobile Apps | Mobile webs | Cloud Computing - Mocha Testing Framework

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Web, Mobile, Software Design & Development

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Development - Mobile, Development - Web


Mean Stack Node.js Angular JS Vuejs Rethink MongoDB HTML / HTML5 JavaScript AWS AWS S3 bucket Heroku Firebase koa express js es6 Twitter API


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University of Karachi



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